~ Mark Osborne ~

Dancing and dance music has always been a major part of Mark’s life. His inspiration as a kid came from watching Breakdance and Hip Hop films. He was regularly involved in Breakdancing and Popping challenges with kids in local crews around the streets of East London, battling for supremacy. Bringing out mix tapes onto the streets and dancing from dusk till dawn. Early Hip Hop and Electro tracks provided the focus he needed to move away from the mainstream 80’s pop that seemed to have no feeling. Already a vinyl collector from as early as 10 years old, he had always had a desire to DJ.

As London moved into the late 80’s and early 90’s club culture was born. This was the catalyst to once again fuel his burning desire to DJ. And so from then on his love for music was encapsulated by House!

Self taught like most DJ's Mark learnt the ropes to DJing the hard way. His earliest gigs took him to the rough streets of least London. The underground scene was a hard dancefloor to please. The atmosphere while sometimes electric, could also be hanging on a knife edge with rival gangs crowding the most gastly of venues. Memories of doormen gaurding the decks with guns attached to there ankles are not exaggerated!!!!

Eventually opportunities came thick and fast to DJ in london's clubs and bars, instantly performing to a far more musically educated and fun loving crowd. At this point Mark began to favor the more soulful house sounds coming from the U.S., and it was then that his love for New York was born. Over the years he would be inspired by New York’s DJ’s, Music and Styles. While DJing for many years in londons underground, this sound and style was not the norm, but would always get a positive reaction.

With age and experience the mind would broaden, bringing into the mix many different genres, adding depth and feeling to the journey.

Mark has recently been found in London supporting such DJ's as Ray Mang, Alex from Tokyo and Norman Jay.

Skin Deep Sessions is brought to you fortnightly. Each show is mixed on the fly, with absolutely no preconceptions.

Love music, love the dance floor!


Mark Osborne presents Skin Deep Sessions.

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